About Strandgaarden

Strandgården is a constantly expanding and developing Company. We are approx. 25 people who deal in selling Wine, Spirits and Mineral Water etc. to domestic, Export and Tax Free markets.

Strandgården is one of the largest importers and distributors of Wine and Spirits in Denmark. We have a very wide range of products and we represent some of the Worlds major Wineries and Spirit brands.

The History of Strandgaarden Wine & Spirits A/S

Back in 1833 there was a flourishing traffic of ships carrying merchandise for the track between the Baltic Sea and countries around the North Sea. Located at the most narrow water of the sea voyages, Helsingør was a natural place for the ships to stop for provision. To service the ships K. E. Marstrand was founded.

The company quickly started import of wines in casks to be bottled in the cellars in Strandgade and sold not just as ships supply but also increasingly to customers in the surrounding cities.

Marstrand was also in the 20th century a major shipping agent, ships supplier and wine merchant. In 1972 the Company was sold to the Swedish Ferry operator LB Ferries (later Scandlines A/S). Strandgården A/S was established as a local spirit wholesaler servicing the numerous retailers in Helsingør, which was regarded the major city for boarder trade to Swedish travellers. In 1982 the wholesale operation Strandgårdens Vinhandel A/S was taken over by Tom Wendelboe Jensen and continued as a 100% family owned company. In 1991 the present Director and President Niels Wendelboe Jensen came into the business and started developing new business areas.

Under the new Niwenco Holding Group, Strandgården expanded also into the branded spirit business developing own local manufactured brands with international potential and seeking import agencies for Denmark and Scandinavia.

In 1993 as a part of the new brand strategy Strandgården invented a new exciting drink in the vodka shot category: Hot n’ Sweet, based on a new idea of mixing original candy with vodka. Hot n’ Sweet quickly became a success across Scandinavia and has established itself among the two biggest in the vodka shot segment. Also in Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Holland sales of Hot n’ Sweet is continuously increasing.

Today we have a strong foothold in all sales areas of the market, which we divide into the following categories:

  • Brands Domestic
  • Duty Free Scandinavia
  • Export
  • Wholesale Border Trade
  • Wholesale  retailers and restaurants

Strandgården is also a very interesting partner in wine and can supply all types of clients from retail Cash and Carry to gourmet restaurants. Following our strategy of strengthening our portefolio, we keep an open mind towards possible new Wineries and are proud of the very wide range of many fine producers which we represent.

Future for Strandgården

We believe prospects are good in the market for a medium sized independent Company that is flexible and adapting quickly to the market trends. Our strategy in the coming years is to further strengthen our brand portefolio of imported brands and to continue development of our own brands, making Strandgården an interesting partner for the trade.